Welcome To Cairns Badminton Club!

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Mulgrave Road

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The Cairns Badminton Club plays at
Cairns Youth and Recreation Centre
129 Mulgrave Road
Cairns QLD (view map)

  • Tuesday from 7.30pm - 10.30pm

  • Friday from 7.30pm - 10.30pm

  • Sunday from 10.00am to 12.00 Noon.

  • Please register (Get Club ID) then make a Booking

  • People of all ages and abilities are welcome.

  • Read here for the COVID Rules

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You must register and get a Club ID in order to play. Please use the Register page to request a Club ID.

  • Please spread the word to your fellow players as you will not be able to play if you don't register, book and pay.
  • Read everything carefully so understand what is required including the COVID-19 Rules of Play page of this website.
  • Fee details are shown below on this page
  • Thanks for your patience and cooperation people.
You must Book in for a session in order to play. If you don’t Book the price is higher see below.

  • Read everything carefully so understand what is required including the COVID-19 Rules of Play page of this website.
  • Thanks for your patience and cooperation people.

Pricing Structure

EFT Details:
Bank: Bendigo Bank
. Account Name: Cairns Badminton
Branch: 633 000. Account: 143 218 576

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Recommencing on 15th Feb 2023

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The Cairns Badminton Club (Smithfield) plays at
Marlin Coast Recreation Centre
27 Leisure Park Road, Smithfield

  • Booking via text message : Maggie @ 0469931390

  • Wed 6:00- 7:30pm

  • Price is $12 for all members and guests at Smithfield YMCA.

  • children free if they are shorter than the top of the net

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Northern Beach Badminton at Marlin Coast Recreation Centre
BOOKINGS are required! You are required to read and agree to this COVID19 Safe Policy when booking your spot.

     Bring your own rackets and pen (to sign in).
     No bubblers available.
     No change rooms available and limited access to the toilet.
     No physical contact, including high fives or hand shaking. Maintain physical distance in the Stadium at ALL TIME.
     Cancel your booking if you are unwell or you are unable to come.
     Bring your own sanitizer, sanitise your hands before and after each game.
     Maximum of 20 people in the stadium including spectator, therefore BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED.
     All the shuttlecocks will be disposed after each night.
     Sanitiser must be used to clean down all equipment after each night.
  Each player are required to sign in with their name, address and phone number, this info will be shared with the Stadium.
  You may be asked to leave if you are unwell or not booked or not adhere to the safe policy.
  Payment is to be arranged by bank transfer only.

Badminton is an extremely popular sport that is both energetic and lively as well as extremely accommodating for players of all abilities.
The Cairns Badminton Club Inc. has been providing the opportunity for residents of Cairns and the surrounding areas to play Badminton socially and competitively since the 1990’s.
The Cairns Badminton Club Inc. is a not-for-profit sporting association. 
This means that all of our time, effort and revenue go towards promoting the club for the benefit of the players themselves.
Badminton has been an Olympic sport since 1992, and lately it has experienced a resurgence in popularity. 
Some credit this resurgence to the fun nature of the game itself, others credit the fact that playing Badminton is great for fitness and helps to promote speed, agility, power and finesse, while others believe the inclusive nature and multicultural environment that is created is paramount to it’s popularity.
Whatever the case, there is no denying that Badminton is a great sport for keeping fit, meeting friends from diverse backgrounds and having fun at the same time. 
We encourage players from any background and any skill level, even if you have never even picked up a racquet before to come along to one of our social sessions.